Flybe are one of the largest low cost airlines that operate out of the UK. Since the company was founded, Flybe have successfully catered for around 9 million passengers each year and this number continues to grow. So why is the airline so popular airline to fly with and who exactly flies with them each year?

Flybe Airlines

Most low cost airlines offer great prices but do they also offer the following benefits, all of which are offered by Flybe UK:

• The airline operate out of 23 UK airports. This means that travellers don’t have to commute as far to or from the airport of their choice. The airports on offer include Birmingham International, London Gatwick, Manchester, Leeds and a large number of small, regional airports as well.

• Passengers can travel on over 150 routes to 12 European countries. These countries include most of the popular tourist destinations e.g. France, Italy, Spain etc. so holiday makers are well catered for.

• One of the main benefits of the extensive network is that people travelling from the UK can book a flight from a regional airport to the destination of their choice – so avoiding the hustle and bustle of the major UK airports.

• Many Flybe flights run internally throughout the UK. This means that passengers can fly from one regional airport to another without having the hassle of driving on motorways or waiting for delayed trains.

UK bookings

The system allows passengers to pre-assign their seats on their flights. This means that on boarding the plane there are no arguments as to who gets the window seat or who has to sit next to the toilet.
All flights also offer decent legroom and the same high levels of customer service that can be found on the major UK airlines.

Services offered by Flybe

There are three main types of flights offered.

The first are regioanal flights within the UK. These flights are perfect for business users, commuters and people who want to get where they’re going fast. As an added bonus, each of the 23 UK airports that Flybe flights leave from (and arrive at) have top business lounges with WiFi access, free telephones and complimentary refreshments.

The second types of flights run by Flybe Airlines are the European flights. Each of the UK airports operates flights to 35 European destinations daily, which is perfect for holiday makers travelling abroad.

After all, why would someone want to travel from Portsmouth to London Gatwick Airport, for example, when they can fly to the same destination but leave from Southmapton?

Business Class

The third service offered by Flybe airlines is oversees business flights. This is a low cost but high quality service for business users that again departs from all of the Flybe airports and travels to over 30 business destinations. We offer additional services of booking a travel companion in a form of high class escort. For example, Sandra - international escort will go with you anywhere and provide top class companionship.


The Flybe UK website offers a huge range of cheap flights from the airports that Flybe flights depart from and arrive at.
This information includes :

• General background information about each airport including a short history of its development.

• The car parking facilities that are available at UK airports. Each description includes information about the types of parking and the cost for both long and short term facilities and the distance that the car parks are from the airport terminals.

• Distance that the airport is from its associated town or city. There is often additional information about nearby towns of interest as well.

• The available travel links from the UK airports to the associated towns and cities. This may include details of trains, buses, taxi services and other modes of travel.
• Conference and other business facilities that are available at the UK airports. There will be additional information about the business lounges and any other facilities as well.
• A short bio about the main city associated with each Flybe UK airport. There is often a short history of the city and a few suggestions of places to visit and attractions that are worth seeing.

In addition to information on each of the airports, you can also view any special offers that are currently running.

There are plenty of reasons to book your next flights with Flybe Airlines and the simple booking system means you can have everything finalised in a few minutes. Simply choose where you want to fly from and where you want to fly to and view the available flights – what could possibly be easier.

The Flybe timetable

Use the timetable for planning your flight, with the timetable you can easily plan your travel itinery and book your low cost flight now.

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